The Homestead Ranch is located
north of Goodland, Kansas in the
native range of the once great herds
of buffalo. We began in the buffalo business in 1987 and we now raise these magnificent animals here on our ranch in Kansas.

Our goal here is to provide you with great buffalo hunting experiences and tasty whole, half and quarters of our home-grown buffalo meat.


We are also a founding member of The Buffalo Guys, LLC, which is the premier Internet supplier of buffalo meat products and tasty, convenient pre-cooked meals.

In 2005, Beaver Creek Buffalo was formed as a joint venture of Ken Klemm and family with Peter Thieriot and family. The express purpose of which is to provide quality grass-finished (grass-fed) wholes, halves and quarters of buffalo.  Beaver Creek Buffalo is also the Premier source for high-quality, grass-based buffalo breeding stock.

Contact us:

Ken or Laurie Klemm
Phone:888-330-8686 or 785-899-9274

Klemm Family Thanksgiving 2017  

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