Buffalo Meat

The best tasting meat just got easier to get!

We offer our great tasting buffalo meat three convenient ways!

Method #1: We are a founding member of the buffalo industries premier buffalo meat supplier TheBuffaloGuys.com. At this site you will be able to buy our tasty buffalo meat in small quantities and have your order shipped direct to your door, nationwide!! Just click on this link www.TheBuffaloGuys.com to order.

Method #2:This method is available to customers who are interested in purchasing a whole, half or quarter of a buffalo at great savings. With this option you can get packaged meat for as low as $10.45 per pound! Click here to see the details.
Note: For pure grass-finished (grass-fed) buffalo meat check out our sister website at www.BeaverCreekBuffalo.com.

Method #3: This method is available to folks who can come out to the ranch and pick a whole buffalo up themselves. This is the most cost effective method to get some great meat in your freezer. You will need to arrange your own processing and be able to transport a field dressed animal. We do these for as low as $3.25 per pound! 'Grass-finished’ grass-fed or grain-offered. Click here to see the details.


Method #2 Details:

Grain-Offered whole, half and quarter details:

You can get top quality, hormone and antibiotic free buffalo steaks, roasts and burgers for as low as $10.45 per pound delivered to your door!*(check out our approved regular delivery areas)

That's right! Buffalo steaks and roasts, delivered to your door, for less than you would pay for burger at the grocery!

How can we do it?
It's simple. When you buy from us you are buying direct from the grower AND YOU SAVE.  In addition, we’ve combined forces with our sister company, The Buffalo Guys, and can now use their efficient, nationwide shipping system.

Buffalo supply is extremely tight and we expect that to remain the case for quite some time.
Please note that we do have a good supply of delicious, healthful grass fed beef.
Click here to learn more

What does it cost?

Remember: You only pay for what you get!!

Whole Buffalo
$10.45/lb of packaged meat, delivered to your door in our approved, regular delivery area only. ~400 lbs or ~$4180 total. Call or email to make your deposit of $2090.00 and reserve your order. Balance due when delivered.

See “What do I get” for product mix.

~400 lbs
Call or Email to Order

Half Buffalo
$11.00/lb of packaged meat, delivered to your door in our approved, regular delivery area only. ~200 lbs or ~$2200 total. Call or email to make your deposit of $1100.00 and reserve your order. Balance due when delivered.

See “What do I get” for product mix.

~200 lbs
Call or Email to Order

Quarter Buffalo
$11.25/lb of packaged meat, delivered to your door in our approved, regular delivery area only. ~100 lbs or ~$1125 total. Call or email to make your deposit of $550.00 and reserve your order. Balance due when delivered.

See “What do I get” for product mix.

~100 lbs
Call or Email to Order

Call or email to check for availability of areas not mentioned below. Offer subject to amendments, cancellations or availability. July 2016.

What do I get?
A whole buffalo consists of about 400 lbs. of boneless, packaged meat. This will fit into approx. 10 cu. ft. of freezer space. You can expect to get approximately the following cuts and quantities:

Tenderloin steaks - approx. 5-7 lbs.

Strip loin steaks - approx. 15-18 lbs.

Rib loin steaks - approx. 15-18 lbs.

Sirloin Steaks - approx. 15-20 lbs.

Chuck Roast - approx. 55 lbs.

Brisket - approx. 5-6 lbs.

Back and Short Ribs - approx. 14-16 lbs.

Stew Meat - approx. 20 lbs.

Ground Burger– approx. 130-140 lbs.

Patties - approx. 130-140 lbs.

Halves and quarters will get proportionately less of the above amounts.  We sell only wholes, halves or quarters of buffalo so you get a full variety of cuts professionally processed in a USDA inspected plant.

We can accommodate special cutting instructions on whole animal orders only.

How does it work?
You can order here, right now.  Just click on the button to pay your deposit and reserve your meat.  We will contact you within a business day or two to give you an idea of when you can expect your meat.  You pay approximately half when you order and the other half when we deliver or ship and we know the exact weight. If you have any questions please call us or fill out the handy contact request form below. Someone will get back with you very soon.   

How are they raised?
All our buffalo are raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. We never feed animal by-products, or any of the vast arrays of chemical based feeds.

Our animals are out on the range, eating only grass, from birth until approx. 18 months of age. At that time they are brought into smaller pastures where we offer quality hay and cracked corn for a few months before processing. Each of these nutritive supplements are offered separate and free choice. This assures that they will eat only what they desire. Our animals are not force-fed with a mixed ration in a bunk like so many buffalo are today.

We are so sure you will like how our animals are raised that we invite you to come see for yourself! Call us for directions.

When will I get my meat?
We schedule processing and delivery based on need. We keep only a very small amount of processed meat in inventory to be sure that yours is as fresh as possible. When you place your order you will be notified as to the approximate delivery date of your meat. Then, approximately one to two weeks before delivery you will receive a call to arrange the delivery day and time. We make every conceivable effort to accommodate your schedule. Final payment will be processed on shipping day.

Do you have references?
We have scores of satisfied customers. We have been raising buffalo since 1987 and we would be happy to supply you with the name and number of one of our current customers.

What are your approved delivery areas?
Denver, Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado
Colorado Springs, Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming.

Call or email to check for availability of areas not mentioned above. Offer subject to amendments, cancellations or availability. July 2016.

Click here to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Or, fill out the handy order request form, and someone will contact you very soon.

Method #3 Details - $3.25/lb:

This option is very simple.  You bring your pick-up or small trailer and we will dispatch, field dress and load your buffalo for you.  

The buffalo will be of very good eating quality, healthy and something that will provide you with many enjoyable meals. 

You pay only for what the animal weighs and the dispatching, field dressing and loading is included in the price. 

After we dispatch the animal we will lift it with our tractor and weigh it with our digital scales.  This is the pay-weight and you will pay at the rate of $3.25 per pound.  If you want a grass-fed only animal we charge $3.50 per pound.

We then lower the animal and field dress it.  After this is finished, we use the tractor to lift it into your vehicle or trailer and you are on your way.

You provide your own packaging arrangements and we provide the best eating buffalo meat you can get!  (We can provide you with the names of several good local butchers).

(add 8.75% KS sales tax for KS orders or KS pick-up)

A few other options include:

Full skinning - $75.00 (includes carcass wash down)

Caping and skinning - $150.00 (includes carcass wash down)

Salt hide and/or cape - $10.00

Quartering - $40.00

Halving (between the ribs) – No charge

If you do the shooting - $50.00

Delivery to Ben-Lee Processing in Atwood, Kansas - $75.00

The animals that we use for these typically weigh between 700 and 1100 lbs. and will yield about 40-45% of their live weight in boneless, packaged meat.  The meat will be of the best quality and will make for great steaks and roasts.  Don't forget that you get the hide and head too! We can accommodate your request for an animal of a specific size (within about 100 lbs.).

We require payment in cash before the animal is loaded.

We do these year-round so call us anytime to set up your visit!  Click here to send us an email or call us at 1-785-899-9274.



The buffalo dressed out to 604 pounds and I received 447 pounds in the freezer! I've never gotten so much meat from a 2 year old. The butcher said it was the best buffalo he has seen in a long time! The taste of the buffalo is excellent! Go ahead and use my email as a testimonial.

Rick (Colorado)

We are sure the taste and quality of our meat will exceed your expectations. If you haven't tried buffalo, you're in for a treat. Buffalo has a sweet and juicy flavor with a mild but hearty taste. Its' taste is most similar to beef but is in a class all of its own. Gourmet Magazine described buffalo meat as “Sweeter and cleaner than beef” December 2002.

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Buffalo meat is full of satisfying red meat flavor yet it has less fat, calories and cholesterol than extra lean beef, pork and even skinless white chicken breast! (see table) We don't feed animal byproducts, use growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Not only does it taste great but it's good for you!

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Nutritional Information

Species Fat Calories Cholesterol Saturated Fat Protein Iron
Bison 2.42 g 143 kcal 82 mg 0.91 g 28.44 g 3.42 mg
Beef 90% lean 11.73 g 217 kcal 85 mg 4.63 g 26.11 g 2.71 mg
Pork 18.19 g 265 kcal 105 mg 5.15 g 23.55 g 1.51 mg
Chicken* 3.57 g 165 kcal 85 mg 1.01 g 31.02 g 1.04 mg
USDA Data www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl
Reference #'s 17157;23563;10803;05064
Per 100 grams cooked meat *Skinless, breast only

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The Environment
We raise our animals in accordance with the standards and practices developed by The Buffalo Guys, LLC. These standards and practices are designed so as to minimize the possible negative environmental aspects while maximizing the many ways buffalo benefit the land. Click here to be directed to The Buffalo Guys web site for a more in-depth description of The Buffalo Guys growing standards and philosophies.

Basic Growing Standards
These are the standards that the Homestead Ranch employs.

  • Growth hormones are never used.
  • In the rare event that an animal must be treated with antibiotics the animal will not enter our meat supply.
  • Animal byproducts are never fed.
  • Free Range Raised . Our buffalo are raised primarily on native range. Grains are fed, free choice, prior to slaughter to assure consistent, year-round, high quality meat. Our buffalo are never force-fed.
  • Feeding pastures not feed lots. All feeding areas produce a green and growing crop for a minimum of 60 days per year. This ensures a healthy animal and healthy meat while safeguarding the environment from the hazards of confinement feeding. By doing this, our buffalo are not forced to live in or create the filth of a feedlot.
  • We consciously try to buy grains and hay that are grown organically or as near to organic as possible.
  • Our lands are monitored annually. This information is used to identify trends in ecosystem health and to protect the environment.

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Contact us:

Ken or Laurie Klemm
Email: Ken@TheHomesteadRanch.com
Phone: (785) 899-9274

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